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Vision for our sustainable future

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Winner of 2023

Katerina Belkina


We are thrilled to announce Katerina Belkina as the winner of the Beyond Future Art Prize 2023. Katerina, a talented artist based in Germany, has captivated our judges and community with her profound exploration of the psychology of human relationships and emotions.

Katerina’s work, primarily executed in digital painting and photography, is a beautiful blend of aesthetic pleasure and deep introspection. Her series “For all mankind, 2022 – 2023” is particularly noteworthy for its imaginative interpretation of our relationship with the cosmos. In this series, Katerina constructs alien landscapes using everyday materials, creating a visual dialogue between the microcosm of our immediate surroundings and the vast expanse of the universe.

Her work emphasizes the power of the present moment, providing a poignant commentary on our busy lives and our often overlooked ability to marvel at life’s complexities. She creates a sense of timelessness, encouraging viewers to appreciate the transitory nature of each moment.

Katerina’s art serves as a compelling reminder of our capacity to stop time, to live in the moment, and to find extraordinary beauty in the ordinary. Her work is a testament to the power of art in fostering reflection, promoting mindfulness, and challenging our perception of reality.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebelki/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katbelkina/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Belkina_art
Telegram: https://t.me/dailybelkina
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/cosmoswedo

Greeting the rising star, 2022

Photography, Digital Painting

Roadside Picnic, 2022

Photography, Digital Painting

Moonrise, 2022

Photography, Digital Painting

Moonset, 2022

Photography, Digital Painting

Mars, 2022

Photography, Digital Painting

About the prize

The Prize encourages entries from artists who have a keen interest and focus on the environment, sustainable living and climate change in their work. We aim to reveal and promote talented artists to be noticed by the general public and business partners in the contemporary art. The winner of 2023 prize will receive HK$33,000 cash award.


Original Painting, Drawing, Photography, Digital art, or Short films created after year 2021.

Entry Requirements

Open to amateur and professional artists around the world aged 15 or above

Raised Winner Prize as of today (HK$)

Theme of 2023

 The return of light and sound, it also gives us a moment to think about the environment; what kind of a relationship we have with our nature?

To see all this fortune last for everyone and future generations, we invite artists, wherever you are, to share with us your work. All possible angles are welcome.

Share your story now.
Vision for our sustainable future.

Judging Criteria

The jurors will evaluate the works by taking into consideration the international contemporary art features and according to qualitative criteria as well as technical abilities.

Originality of the work


Technical Mastery

Message Conveyed

Award Jury

Desmond Fung

Co-founder of Studio 83, VZOW and Bond 83

Charles Hui

Co-founder of Studio 83, VZOW and Bond 83

Xiang Gu

Sustainability Practitioner

Yvette Ho

Trustee of Design Trust

Doris Kuok

Head of Strategy Media at Dentsu HK

Andy Yen

Founder of Freedom Men Art Apartments and Taipei Illustration Fair

Lisa Chan

Medical doctor, co-founder of EverKeen Medical Centre

Andrew Lam

Lawyer & Private Equity Investor

TaiMeng Lim

Artist from Malaysia, IAPS-MC, PSA, PSWC-DP, NOAPS & ISAP-M

Rosanna Eav

Executive Director at Asia Commercial Holdings Co Ltd

Adrian Chung

General Manager at IE, SIU & CHUNG ARCHITECTS LTD.

Pin-Ling Huang

Artist from Taiwan

2023 Finalists

Ilze Egle


Franziska Stünkel


Wenqing Zhai


Nunzio Paci






Sujin Lim

United States

Rodolfo Canete


Sherif Hakeem

United States

Anushua Sinha

United States

Anasse Drif


Varvara Stern




Katerina Belkina


Céline Liebi


Silas Onoja


Bomi Yook


Nina Pancheva


Scapa Joe

United Kingdom

Yunchun Wang


Antoinette Freeman

United Kingdom





Do I need to submit my submission piece physically? .

No, there is no need to submit your artwork physically. Please provide high-quality images of your submission through our online platform for evaluation purposes

Can I submit multiple artworks for my submission?

Yes, you are welcome to submit more than one piece of artwork to support your submission as long as the artwork can present convey a coherence message related to our theme.

Is there a submission fee?

No, entry is completely free for all participants.

When will the results be announced?

For information on the announcement of results, please refer to the timeline provided on our website.

What is the prize for this award?

The winner will receive a cash prize of HK$33,000.

Who was the previous winner?

The 2022 winner was MARIAM ABOUZID SOUALI from Morocco.

How will the results be announced?

The shortlisted artists and the winner will be announced on our website and our Instagram account @beyondfutureart. Please stay tuned for updates and news related to the prize.


If you have any questions regarding this prize, please contact us by the form below

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